Admins can not die? + Pointshop models resetting after preparing

I recently Re-installed my TTT Server and the following problems appeared :

Any one in the groups : donator,admin,owner are still alive even after death. They can talk with alive players and are not shown as missing in action. Even after identifying the body the player is not set as confirmed dead.Additionaly, the admins cannot watch another player neither identify a body!

Another problem with pointshop is that player models keep resetting after preparing , i have tried :
Commenting out line 271 in the player_ext.lua which destroys the whole gamemode
freshly installing Pointshop.
Images :

UPDATE : I tried revoking admin powers from one of my admins but he will still be alive after death

Dont comment out anything. Never change core files unless you have to. Pointshop fixed that problem ages ago by the way

Well , I of course reverted the comment out. But why do I still have these Pointshop problems?

So nobody knows the answer?


Ok i fixed it myself