Admins: Have you reduced military weapons and C4?


I wanted the opinion of the admins / server owners. Because I opened a server for 48 hours and the majority have learned C4… I’m afraid it degenerates very quickly and there are raids 10 times a day. Same for the BluePrint, they have almost everything. I found Oxide on a loot table to restrict military weapons and C4 but I am afraid of sudden this is really too restrictive!

My question is for those who have not made ​​changes. Is this a field of war? And those who have made ​​changes, isn’t it too restrictive?

We are about 20 players in the evening, 3-4 teams.

Thanks & sorry for my English.

if you dont make changes people will run arround with C4 at the 1st day after a wipe.

sadly 1 day after a wipe you found out that thats all you can do in this game raid and kill players…

It is difficult to achieve a balance that creates a slower paced progression into the game. On my server you can learn to craft C4 but not flares, then I restrict the possibility of flares being found (still more common than finding C4 however)

Another thing is to make C4 and weapons only able to be researched with a blueprint, and then control the rarity of the blueprints. So if someone can make C4, they can’t just give the ability to craft it to other people with a research kit etc.

But at the moment the item list is short, many things are placeholders that will change, many more things will be added I expect. Construction will get more complex and active defenses will be a thing. Durability already goes some way to slowing the rich getting too rich, though I have slowed this down by a half for now.

Slowly but steadily this game is growing. Right now the Alpha stage limits produce large gameplay imbalances which can only be mitigated to a small extent by mods like Oxide. The trick is not going overboard and making C4 so rare that raiding is impossible, etc.

I left it as is, but I added the remove tool for players to use on their own houses. This allows people to redesign their house anytime they like. I think this balances out C4 a bunch. I have been running my server for almost a month and haven’t noticed any problems.

Not an admin, but I’ve played on quite a few servers with various settings

With standard drop rates, I once found an explosive charge BP within 45 minutes of wipe. (Incidentally, I found a bolt action 5 minutes before that, and my brother found an m4 about 10 minutes after the same wipe… it was gg for that server until a huge group came and took over)

Now I’m playing on a server with very rare military drops, it’s been 3-4 days since wipe; there’s lots of groups with m4’s and groups have been raiding with c4 for a couple of days already.

So even with more restricted drop rates, groups are going to be fully teched up in a week, if not a couple days or less.

A lot of server owners seem to be fine-tuning the loot tables to reduce C4.

Yes it’s difficult to find the balance especially against a large group. You could always ask the large group to go join WARKIT PVP server, lots of killing there.

on mine the top tier is the bolt action. no other modern weapons. The bolt action, C4 and grenades are all uncraftable and only available as rare drops within an airdrop. 9mm/556 ammo and kevlar are also uncraftable but rare drops from mobs/crates.

i like it =]