I wanna make some privileges for admins and Vips
Like colored chat,some commands,
How Do I put colored chat
and do u have ideas for commands?

Well, is this just a spoon feeding post, or are you just looking for ideas?

Looking for ideas, and I would like to undestand how can I make this colored chat

(User was banned for this post ("Let Me Google That For You" - Craptasket))

Your title: “Admins Help(CLICK TO SEE IF U CAN HELP ME)x” [BAD]
Correct title: “How do I make color chat for admins?” (or something similar) [GOOD]

You know using lmgtfy links is a bannable offence, while it does not help the OP?

(User was banned for this post ("Backseatmod" - Craptasket))

with ULX you can pretty much do all of these things but I wouldn’t recommend ULX, but if you really really don’t want to do it any other way then it’s an option

Considering the link IS giving him what he needs to do (aka google and find on the first page what he needs) I doubt it’d be bannable in this case. Who are you again to tell me?

Ayeh, we can get banned by lmgfy and by doing back seating moderation…Even more…I have fear of make this post :v