Admins on offical servers

Are there admins on official servers? And if there are why aren’t there way more? Theres so many hackers running around ruining the game for everyone

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No, there are not admins on Official servers, nor will there ever be admins on the legacy branch as its no longer in development. Facepunch is not going to pay anyone to admin their old/dying servers, nor would it be smart to have volunteers who might abuse their official admin position and thereby bring shame and dishonor on Facepunch.

If you want to play official, you deal with hackers.

A vote to kick thing would be nice so the players can self govern because it is a nightmare

actually that’s a good suggestion. a few days back a guy was spamming the hell out of chat, and because there was no admin on(this was a community server, but same problem) we spent half an hour trying to tell him to stop. eventually we had to threaten to report him to steam to make him stop, because there’s not really a rust equivalent:)

Giving players the ability to self govern could be just as bad. What would be stopping people from teaming up to kick any and everyone who joins a server to keep it “exclusive” to their group? Or using the threat of vote kicking to extort stuff from innocent people(as pointless as it would be since the stuff would be up for grabs once kicked)?

yeah it could definitely be abused, but it might also reduce the number of hackers present and help admins get rid of griefers. maybe require a fixed percentage of the players to vote them out(say 70%) so it can’t just be a gang all the time.

that’s the problem with power in general though. there are so many threads about “admin abuse” already, and most of the time people do the right thing:)

i never understand why ppl play on offcalservers -.-

could´nt have wrote it better myself, let me just add, that the official servers are already bringing shame and dishonor to facepunch or atleast the people behind rust.
people exploiting other people, greifing and just everything annoying is a part of the game and you just have to deal with it like a fucking mature ass man/woman
now… cheaters are currently taking a huge shit on the developers and everyone who been contributing to rust so far, by cheating on the OFFICIAL servers, you will even find people admitting they cheat in the chat and dont really care about it, because they know that the developers won´t do anything about (yet).

i get the devs are working on something else at the moment and doesn´t have the time to stay on all the official servers 24 hours a day, but it is such a fucking pain in the ass.

Ps. if you (facepunch) want people to play on the stress test servers, i think you should add admins to the servers, right now people would almost do anything for an official server with admin.

thanks for reading & everything of the above is all my expression and opinion

Because they’re…

  • Well populated
  • Challenging
  • Don’t get wiped
  • Have a sense of ‘history’
  • Not subject to Admin abuse

Yes, the downside is putting up with cheaters. But the pros outweigh the cons in my opinion.

The fact that they don’t get wiped and that they’re well populated is reason enough to play on them.

Just do not play in official servers. Many private servers do NOT have admin abuse, to be honest, only the shitty ones have.

yea, but then they wipe once in a while and not so many people on

Exactly. I hate server wipes and I like playing on busy maps with lots going on.

I’m not interested I’m being ‘safe’ when playing Rust and squirreling away resources in my nice little homestead. That’s what real life is for! :wink: I like the fun, challenge and banter that comes from a busy server with a history to it.

I’ve tried community servers and they’re nice. Too nice and too quiet, for me anyway.

As of now im holding off on rust till the experimental branch is finished/near complete. Since the experimental branch will have its own anti cheat that will be scanning your computers memory its pretty hard to hide any main stream hacks, scripts or whatever.

I still think there will be hackers but with what they have now its a matter of just being able to identify the hacked clients signature or anything that doesn’t belong which is wayyyyy easier than patching over every possible exploit.

There will always be hackers.

VAC doesn’t patch over exploits, EAC does what it does (only the two take different approaches and have different strengths and weaknesses).

so does VAC ever ban these hackers?

If they are using a “hack” that VAC already has categorized and can recognize, it supposedly bans within an hour if some of these people claiming “false positive after half an hour of play” are to be believed.

Typically it takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks for VAC to get them. It seems like its ineffective because most “hack” writers frequently update and thus it takes VAC longer to verify that a "hacker’ is in fact cheating. Also, be it lots of disposable income or illicit means, some people do have multiple Steam profiles with Rust on them, and thus getting caught doesn’t hinder them much as they just switch accounts.

If VAC didn’t catch “hackers”, we wouldn’t be seeing all these VAC False Positive Ban/My “insert potentially non existent family member/acquaintance here” used hacks on my account/demons possessed my computer and VAC saw it as a "hack/etc threads. Not saying VAC is perfect, but if a VAC mass false positive happened I am almost certain some kind of official message about it would be made.

gotta say, my favourite sob-story so far was “my friend downloaded hacks on my computer, and i played with them for a while, but then i got banned. i’m sorry. can i be unbanned now?”