admins on official servers

hey devs i got a question
y dont u hire 2-3 admins for the official server to clean off the hackers i know u people are doing everything u can bringing new anticheats but i just wanne say
after that 1 hacker that was destorying all the official server and the server were cut off.
Nothing has happend people know that ur introducing a 3the anti hack system but it wont work we really need the admins that can ban people from the server and report steam of those people so they will get vac banned much faster.
i mean i was playing on north american server 4 and there were just 6 hackers online and i have been reporting 1 hacker for like a week every time i see him and i get killed by his wall hacks but i mean it’s like u guys dont even care.
if u would have no hackers on the official servers they would be stacked by players that will have a good time but now the only thing i see in the overall chat is omg i got killed by a hacker or this guy is hacking and just wall hacking every1.
this is not a good play adventure for us and u guys are like just sending a message to hackers that it’s okay kill people with ur incredible cheats we just dont care.

so i’m really just begging u guys plz hire some admins to controll the server(official one) so that we people who dont cheat have a nice game experience.

maybe i will get banned for my post but ive been playing for like 250-300 hours on rust i like the game but the cheaters just have to go

ty garry and devs for reading if u ever read this and i’m sorry if i complain allot but i think this is what most people think abouth of this game(good game-to manny cheaters)

love u guys for the great game and can’t wait for the next anti-cheat program

I understand your sentiment. I also love the official servers for the sheer amount of players. Especially the new ones.

I have also witnessed the blight of hackers on public servers, and I strongly suggest you find a server that can meet your requirements. Some “unofficial” servers follow the same release cycle of the “official” rust servers. In my personal server that is the goal. I.e. To play rust as the official servers intended. That means no mods, no wipes (unless prompted by an update), and powerful dedicated hardware with 1Gbps downstream/upstream to serve many requests with as little lag as possible.

I wish you luck on your quest for a better quality server. Feel free to check out my profile for information on how to reach my server.

No thanks. I buy this game for play on official srvers not in home maide randome servers.

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careful you may get banned for this

By “home maide” I’m assuming you fear the server is hosted at someones house. I assure you this is not minecraft, and the playerbase has to go through an approved vendor to host a rust server.

My server features industry grade specifications that would rival, if not exceed the ones presented by the official servers:

E3-1230 V2 Ivy-Bridge.
16GB DDR3.
120 GB SSD.
1Gbps upstream/downstream.

We also separate administrative tasks (I.e. Hacker hunting, hacker trapping) from the general playerbase to avoid anything that could be considered abusive.


i just want them to do something abouth this i know i can get banned over this

it speaks so clearly to their management team when their own OFFICIAL servers are where the hackers choose to play because of zero admin presence…
completely speaks for itself, no one can disagree with this comment, and its down right pathetic on so many levels. $8 an hour will find u 100000 people who would love to have that job. 1million copies of rust sold @ $20…

jep even if they get like 5 admins that just respond when there are reports comming in or something from people that hack

hi hello the anti cheat methods on the game “rust” are not based on admins

it’s easier and less painful for cheatpunch and vac to do their work

all of those people being paid at 8 dollars an hour to admin are taking precious money away from your favorite sand box rock out with your cock out video game experience

I don’t understand all these people clamoring for admins to ban users from servers. The game is still in ALPHA. Facepunch Studios is still working on the game. Why would they divert funds for work to admins that won’t help with the development of the game? Better yet, those funds (and possibly more) are probably being used to develop Cheatpunch, which will be more effective anyways.

I would rather use servers with mods