Admins - Quick way to spawn items?

Any good programmers out there with a knowledge of rust could give me insight on a way to write scripts to easily spawn set amounts of certain items?

  • Make a file called guns.txt
  • In game call command “guns”
  • server recognizes guns script and runs all the commands inside it
  • commands inside would contain:
    - “inv.giveplayer Antb0t P250”
    - “inv.giveplayer Antb0t 9mm”
    and so on…

The idea of this is to make it way easier to spawn whole sets of desired items when you login as admin such as guns/ammo/buildsupplies/etc

Thanks for your time!

It’s not possible to do this.

Care to elaborate?

It sounds possible if you could obtain obtain the files with those server command coding in them but I think either those files are not available atm. Or they are encrypted. Or we will never see them…

I’m not sure what you mean, but you could write a program that reads a .txt file and runs the commands inside of it in the console.

Either you’d make it run at startup, or you could make a new cmd to load certain “.txt” files.

You’d have to have all the .txt and everything server wise though, or VAC would probably detect some sort of “Item Spawning attempt”

Sounds a little too annoying to mess with honestly lol You’d have to have access to a few files and be able to understand what it means or take the time to figure it out. And then code it in and it would be a pain in the ass. Might as well just Copy and paste…

you could try
It does not do exactly what you want but allows you to spawn items fast tho.


Doesn’t seem like anybody knows about this:
Or BuckeyeMonkey’s AutoHotkey Script.

Download Autohotkeys and bam!
You need to log in as admin manually but after that it’s all good.

It’s not bad but it’s not awesome either.
Playing in windowed mode isn’t the best ><
However I’m sure there will be more Admin Mods soon.
The question with those mods for me is do they change your server from Community > Modded ?

then you would achieve the nobel douche award for abusing your admin powers(unless there is noone ever on your server)