Admins Running Clans in Official Servers and Supporting VAC Banned Cheaters

Original thread here Which sadly forum admin locked without a prior warning and banned me from forum for 24 hours too lol

I just got banned from Official Belgium Server just because I wrote 3 sentences nicely “about a clan having all time, well-known cheater as a member”. I have been told that the clan [PRR] is run by an admin Ami or something.
So 30 mins back as I was discussing this with a friend in chat, I suddenly got disconnected and now whenever I try to join server it says “ConnectionBanned” in console.

Did I use abusive language: NO
Did I disrespect someone: NO

I was simply going to discuss (which I didnt even write anything about) Admins on official servers shouldn’t be allowed to have their own clans. I am writing this all here to inform the community whats happening in official servers. I didnt even know this admin, all I knew was a guy (I saw, over 6 times flying in the air and aimbotting more than 7 people in a row several times) with a clan tag today. He is supposed to be banned, yet he becomes a member of a clan managed by an admin? And when we discuss this matter we are banned? I can easily switch to some other server but then again, I 'd like facepunch to explain what are the management’s thoughts about this situation? Is there any department keeping an eye on admins in official servers or you are all so busy counting money and developing a game that you forgot to make one?

This is the cheater’s steam profile link >>>


According to a guy with 5k+ posts in this forum “Official Belgium server isnt official”. Seriously??? If its not official why its shown under official tab in server browser in the game?? Is it a glitch, the server owner helped market the game or a dev’s cousin running it? I mean why proclaim "Official servers are not monitored when you have admins there, banning people, for suggesting something (even for 2 sentences)??? on the other hand hackers are enjoying the misery of fair players in these official servers. People are selling cheats on their custom domain names, earning more than facepunch itself lol some cheat subscriptions are expensive than TESO’s subscription. Moreover if you tell people “not to buy this game, its not ready then please add >> oh and dont bother coming into official servers too they are a mess, we are too busy developing a game we cant manage them”