Admins spawning items (in fact it's a problem)

Hello guys! I am a Rust admin on [FR\EU]LesVoisinsGaming server.

First, I would like to inform you that I had the time to experience this new chat option. This is not a rage post on the forum haha.

At first I was happy with this transparency that we could have with the players; and having the proof that we don’t abuse face to false accusations.

On our server, we usually organize events (meaning construction of Safe Zones or Arena), help players to remove their walls when they fail their construction, repay a craft because of a crash server or a weapon which went through the map (yeah it’s still happened). And as you expect, to do this, we necessarily need to give us items! So when we have to give item, we have to justify ourself in the chat, and not every players are enough openminded a start to cry “abuse admin” in the chat (RUST community is so wonderful…). So because of this new option in the chat, we have to stop all of our animations. Most of our staff lose the pleasure to moderate the server and I can easily understand that. Justify ourself just for a hammer?!!

I really don’t understand this decision, because if players thought that we abuse admin on our server, they have the freedom to change server. It’s just a pact of trust between us and our players.

We invested money in the server and volunteer work, and i think, for all that we do, we don’t have to each time justify ourself just for giving a stupid hammer or x1000 wood to help a player or whatever!

Please remove this option, or give us a command to switch it off! It’s impossible for us to organize events making us passive bots with the only possibility of reading the chat and kick players for insult… NICE!

Just kick the players complaining as they are clearly morons.

Yes of course, but sorry to say that, but most of the community of Rust behave like this!

I can understand why they had this feature, but impose it on the servers, i disagree!

Change is only good when it makes things better.

I think many players had no idea admins were spawning things for players, and are surprised to see it happening. They simply need time to learn what is normal, and what is not, as they now have more information than they know what to do with.

Of course, there are those that are dense and will complain before they know what is going on.

We are a community server, is that pluggin makes your server modded?

How about you give it more than a day before you decide it is shit?

Seriously, your post reads like this has been a feature for a few weeks.

Was this for the first 20 minutes?

Give it some time and see how you feel next week.

I agree with utilitron and FunYun
The people on my server ‘know me’ and know that I’m fair, so I dont really ever need to explain myself.
If you’re using inventory.giveto command alot, why not just tp to the player and drop it on the ground? Not like you have RUN back to where you where at. That should cut down on alot of chat spam.

People take time to adjust.

on a side note: it would be great if chat could behave in such a way as to group messages from the admin so our normal activities dont interfere with normal chat

You answered it yourself in the OP:

So the easy answer is: Fuck’em.

It’s your server and your world, and it sounds to me like you do a pretty good job at maintaining it, so…
Just ignore them and continue what you do. Some will like it, some won’t, as with everything else in life.
I agree that it should be an option to turn it off, but isn’t it a good thing that your players know the admins are working hard and helping?

i’m agree, 100% need it!!!

I think this was a poor decision myself. If someone owns the server and wants to spawn shit into the game, that is their right. Showing the players that it is being done just makes things worse. Sure some server owners abuse this but who cares? They pay the rental fee or own the server so let them do what they want. people will just go play another server if they feel the admin is abusing anyway. We don’t need to be told via chat that he/she did it.

Many admin spawn loot in for bases they build to be raided. The server I play on does this. The server owner builds a few random and sometimes challenging bases and puts a nice pile of loot in it. Then anyone who takes the time to raid it gets rewarded.

For the record I am not a server owner. This is just my two cents.

I’m not a server owner and have never played on a server where I felt anything but thankfulness for the awesome job done by the admins.

That said, the term “admin abuse” seems like an oxymoron to me. An impossibility. It’s their server. How can they abuse it? If they want to build a 100x100 HQM throne from which they rain down C4 on their friends and wolves upon their enemies - that’s their prerogative.

I think the response Garry implied here was that this feature would give players the knowledge needed to determine if bad things were happening on their server so they could leave if they want. But I feel like this might be an “ignorance is bliss” type situation. If the “admin abuse” (still a stupid phrase) is egregious, you’d sure as hell notice on your own. And, if it’s not big enough for you to notice, does it really even matter?

Your logic is just simply asinine. You want players to decide to leave if they feel there’s abuse going on, but you’re against having them receive information that would allow them to make more informed judgments about whether abuse is actually occurring? And why, because it’s an inconvenience to have to justify the use of admin powers, something that an admin should ALWAYS be doing, even if silently and privately to themselves?

… Please.

I don’t know how many server owners out there build “NPC” bases and fill them with loot, or stupid giant closed arenas because their players can’t appreciate the concept of an open-world PVP sandbox, but I doubt the number is particularly high. If you decide to build a tavern or a trading outpost or a monument to advertise your clan you should have zero problem explaining to your players what you’re doing and how it impacts the game world. Some owners need to try treating their players like the adults they might possibly be, instead of “fuck you, I paid 20 bucks I’ll do what I want”.

And for the record, I’d like to play a game where server owners didn’t feel compelled to have transparency for their admin powers and could simply demand players trust them not to do wrong. I’d also like to play games without bullshit DRM and anti-cheat spyware running on my machine. But reality demands a compromise.

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Yes, it matters. Because the worst type of abuse is the kind that’s subtly ruining your game while you perpetually continue to struggle thinking you’re just unlucky, or just need to be better etc.

Admin abuse isn’t just a possibility, it’s a reality, because there is a communal implied expectation in terms of the game world. You expect to play the game as it was coded, or as it was modded, on a relatively even playing field. You expect to play a game in which you’re competing against other players, not against other players and an immature demi-god. The status as administrator exists for a reason… to administrate the game, and to assist in keeping it running smoothly. That’s all.
If a server owner makes it known his server is a personal narcissistic playground where anything goes and screw your mother if you don’t like it, then anyone who plays there has been warned to adjust their expectations… or leave. Yet how many people who abuse their administrator status actually advertise that’s what they’re going to do? How many put it into the server rules?

This is true of almost all online games that are private server-based. I know you know that.

Rust is a resource game. Spawning anything in will result an unfair advantage over the server population. (Unless its for an event or if the admin isn’t participating in the gameplay).

If you’re making an event of some sort … just notify it in the chat. (Like bases build to be raided …ect).

To be honest; I bet I’m not the only one feeling cheated, when someone spawns in 2-3 hours work.

if my enemy say he lost a gun through the map or whatever reason and the admin gives him a free gun, i feel cheated. where is my free gun ? i lost tons of item through the map , its the same for every players. or made mistake while building. of course i would complain admin abuse. Unless its a server known that the admins spawns item here and there so in this case players shouldnt have a problem with it.

if your players are unaware that you give free stuff to other players, then yes its admin abuse and it deserve to be said in chat.

I think it is only admin abuse to spawn stuff when the players don’t know it. When they do, then they chose not to play on this server or accept it. I do agree it might spam the chat but the pros outweigh the cons IMO. I think admins should NEVER help players who misplaced a wall or dropped a gun through the ceiling because as a player I would NEVER ask an admin for this kind of help! If player A gets another gun for the one he lost but player B happens to play when the admin(s) are offline then it’s unfair. This slight imbalance might lead player A to kill player B and then make a bigger better base and then kill him again and again who knows…

You say that we shouldn’t help players, but if players come to our server it is because we are active and helpin em. We are trying to bring new features to the gameplay. It’s an alpha game, and after a week, most of the players are getting bored, this is why we organize events like arena or treasure hunt! And for that we need the give item tool of course and it’s not abuse admin because we do that to entertain and keep our players , not the troll em! But this week, we stop all of our activities because it’s a real mess when we give just a rotten apple…

If an admin is really abusing, you don’t need that stupid feature in the chat to know it. Most of those admins are just kids who rent a shitty server and will lose their players anyway.

Due to a minority, Garry chose to punish everyone making administration of server even more complicated.

It was difficult to manage the ingratitude of most players . But now being spied on constantly and wrongly accused …

yea but lets be honest here… even if admins play… they have to play with no auth level, or its a simply trust issue of “did the admin noclip away/toward me?” or “he HAD to have god mode on to kill me that time”

Point is… if you wanna play the game, then play it. if you wanna run a server, then run a server. Its not impossible, but very hard to do both in the same server. Hell, i was considering spending a measly $20 for another copy just to play legit on my own server so…

Are you saying your players weren’t aware you were spawning in items to build arenas and make treasure hunts to keep their interest? They thought you were grinding all night and making this stuff straight up?

Has anyone really, actually, legitimately tried telling their players “I’m going to be building for the server, mind the chat spam” in the … what? … less than 48 hours this has been a thing? Or are you just imagining how your players will respond because it makes for better histrionics?

id like your post but i havent figured out hoe to do that yet…