AdminSend - A vector teleport module for ULX.

Hello this is my first release, so it’s not crash hot. :dance:

So basically, it’s a module that allows admins / mods to teleport users to a designated room / area.


Chat - !as [user], !adminsend [user]
Console - ulx adminsend [user]

*If a server has a specific room / rooftop for dealing with admin situations.
*To punish someone by teleporting someone into a skyadmin area, or a room with no doors. (or locked ones)

*ULX and ULib

Place the AdminSend folder in your server’s addons folder.
Configure the teleport location by-
Edit the file as_config.lua and go in game,
Type getpos in console and copy the vector.
Paste the vector numbers into the file, like this

spotvector = (Vector( 100, -20, 432))


Any errors, post here please.
Same goes for suggestions, I would like to hear your opinions. :slight_smile:

It’s clever, but why would people use this? Your “module” doesn’t make use for me.

And don’t download it, if it is of no use to you. Simple :slight_smile: