Adobe CS4

One feature Adobe Photoshop CS4 has is texturing 3d models.
How can I use this feature with source models?
What file type of model should I have to use with photoshop?

Does it actually paint on the unwrap?

decompile the wanted model, open the decompiled model in a modeling program and save as obj. open this obj in photoshop.



I used that to paint the bumps on this model, since I always end up in zbrush getting stuck in duplicator mode, very frustrating.



I tried it, I have this problem…

This is the sole reason I’m thinking about upgrading to CS4.

A guy on another forum textured up a model I released there using CS4, and even though he ditched the skin, it looked pretty sweet, especially in that preview window thing it’s got.

Nivek: You might want to double check that you exported with the UV’s laid out. I bet that might piss it off.

Holy crap im so geting cs4 you cna SEE the 3D and pait on it! NO WAY!

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Oh hell yes! I just got CS4, this is going to be great for my Dodge Charger model, I didn’t realise you could actually make normal maps in photoshop.

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