Adobe photoshop exporting...

Quick question, whats the best format to export a screenshot (HD) in after effects. I have been extracting in JPEG with maximum quality (12?) and 5 passes, whatever that is. If anyone could throw some advice my way that would be greatly appreciated, since im a noob to editing with photoshop.

Thanks in advance

PNG tends to be your best bet for quality vs size when editing, I try to only use JPEGs for the final output that you want to post online. When you DO save as a JPEG, use the “file>save for web and devices” tool. This lets you preview the image, so you can get the compression vs quality just right.

When exporting in AE, instead of actually “exporting,” add your composition to the render queue (using “composition>add to render queue.” Also make sure your composition is only 1 frame long or hilarity will ensue), and choose “lossless PNG sequence” or something to that affect. Be sure to set the colors to “RGB+A” if you are using transparency.

Thanks mate!

Targa for working
Jpeg for posting on the net.