Adolf Hitler Model Request!

Adolf Hitler like this :

That’s the best you’re going to get.

No! I want Model not reskin


I want! I want! If you want an exact model of Adolf hitler…Then you better cough up the dough buddy.

I find it a little sickening that we have so many people requesting a model of a man who’s influence caused the death of approximately 15 to 17 million people during World War II.

Did you even try searching? Also, i find that skin to be a good representation, why do you need a model.

One isn’t many.

There are at least 8 models available on, many a people must have supported the making of those models for them to exsist…Or someone who had money requested them.

That’s just bullshit, there’s a one Mr Breen reskin and one hack by Half-dead and few tweaked reskins of those. Which both have no doubt been done just for laughs. I don’t see you whining about the Stalin reskin.

I see your point. I’m just stating an opinion.

“I find a model request of Adolf Hitler sickening” is an opinion. “A lot of people here are requesting Adolf Hitler models, here’s why” is an argument and it’s invalid.

here :
3 Adolf Hitler Model in This Pack for Head (GTA SA)
here :
for Body

The Gta head looks like crap.
It’s worse then any of the ones you can already find in


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with that attitude, you will probably not get any hitler model

Interestingly enough, people are happy to let off Stalin for what he went and did because he was one of the winners.

While the murder of 6 million jews is something I do not defend, no matter the pretext and context of the discussion, Stalin did murder quite a lot of people too.