Adolf Hitler: Werewolf Slayer

First, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and now this.

What’s next on the list?

Joseph Stalin: Mummy Destroyer

I was thinking the same thing.

I would watch this.

I endorse this film.

Winston Churchill: Chupacabra Equalizer

Olof Palme: Angry Letters Counterer(?)

Vladimir Putin: Meme Destroyer

Hirohito: Ittan-Momen burner

When will we see the crossover with Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter?

That comes out before Judas: Poltergeist Pulverizer

Then there is Lord Inquisitor: Heretic Vaporizer

This called Adolf Hitler: Vampire Slayer.

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One of the people he saved was a mousy little colonel named Adolf.

hillary clinton: dormant mermaid

Barack Obama: Khobold Kicker

Stephen Harper: Shirime Fucker