Adolfo - Hero of DarkRP

Edit: Server is called Icefuse

“Oooh Shit”

Standing ovation kind of stuff.

When I saw “Adolfo” I was half-way expecting a guy playing a Hitler speech over the mic, but that was pretty amazing. Was this on one of the few “good” DarkRP" servers because on the few RP servers I’ve been on somebody doing that would’ve been kicked/banned in a heartbeat

The staff on the server are really chill, they tend to let a lot of things slide when it is fun and everyone is enjoying it, as well if something is done in-character for the sake of RP. (Adolfo’s job was not even allowed to have guns, and there he was shooting up a storm.)

This kind of attitude allowed a lot of moments in the server, including a time where we rallied half the server to Legalize Weed, we all had text screens picketing around the police department, and I was micspamming Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley. The Owner even pitched in, allowing me to continue even though micspam was not allowed, (After that, he changed the rules to allow some classes the ability to micspam, including the one I played)

Server IP I believe, if not I will try to get it again.

That was beautiful.