Adorable Serah

Awww that cute little love muffin:dance:

Tried to “feather” her hair, but it looked like a carpet when I was done. Need to find someone that knows how to do that.

disgusting bent wrists 0/10 would not Dew™ again

She is so skinny she looks like a stick.

Is it normal I want to hug her?

Well that is the model.

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Perfectly. She is huggable.

so long as it’s a bear hug so tight that you snap her in half for being in a terrible game
take her toblerone while you’re at it

Party pooper. Look at her eyes and go aaawww… Get with the program pal.

But in all seriousness. Those wrists did present a problem. Blame lazy edit I guess.

the more i read down the thread the more i dislike the picture

Axe murderer.

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Nice use of lighting, could benefit from a different camera angle, perhaps rotating it sideways, taking the picture, and rotating it with photoshop or whatever you use (even window’s photo viewer) to have it seem less empty with a larger focus on her, since that seems to be the only thing in the image.

I did all the above except PS. Ended up with this.

And I never ever use PS or any other pixel manipulation program to rotate a image when you can do it in 3D. Feels like cheating otherwise, but that’s just me.

While clear you used a rotation of around 10 to 15 degrees, shown through the character (Serah) not being completely vertical, I wasn’t referring to that, or well, I was saying that a 90 degree angle would put emphasis on the character, as most humans are more vertical than horizontal.

As shown, a simple usage of a rotation such as that would result in an emphasis on the character, while keeping the background as a lesser focus, but still being there to bring eye-candy and a clear vision of where the lighting is coming from.

I see what you are getting at, and more focus on the character is a point, but I like some surroundings around the model to create a mood.
The pose is one thing, but the scene sets the mood. This is a fantasy theme due to the spirit of the game, thus the temple.

Aye, but are you focusing on the character or the surroundings? Also, I could have sworn final fantasy took place in the future.

I think it does. But I only played FF7 , 9 and 10. The rest I know little about except bad reviews.