Adoring Fan from Oblivion?

Lol, can anyone make that little bugger from oblivion into an NPC? With voice clips and all?

I liked to kill him back in oblivion, now I want to blow a hole in his face with a shotgun



Suddenly i want this too, just so i can blow the shit outa ‘im with a rpg or somethin’.

Also forgot to mention, is it possible to make both a hostile and friendly version?

Also forgot to mention, who the hell are you talking about? :o

If you don’t know who it is why did you even post in this thread?

Well for starters, as |FlapJack| has posted a youtube vid, if you’ve never played oblivion, he’s pretty much single handedly ONE of the most annoying game characters ever made, but yet it’s becoming a sport to kill him in all sorts of fashion.

but honestly, it’s starting to get really old killing him with arrows, swords, spells or have some demon or bandit maul him and fling at high speeds. I really want to see this guy shot with an pulse rifle, RPG, or even see him get eaten by a barnacle (LOL).

So once again, can anyone even attempt to do so?

“By Azura, By Azura, By Azura, it’s the grand-” (shotgun blast) AGHHH!!!

I got mine stuck underneath the world. Do I win? :smiley:

I hope someone will make this. Personally don’t have the time to do it.