"Adrenaline Rush"


If you didn’t know, “Adrenaline Rush” is a energetic drink in Russia :smiley:
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He’s still not using the four shots he’s holding on his hands. :v:

I can imagine he would bleed if he doesn’t remove the c asing from the needle :v:

rofl thats what I was thinking too.

The adrenaline on his head must have hurt :v:
Had a good lol. You get a


Lol, I used to drink Adrenaline Rush!
Then I started drinking Monster :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny pic, so you get a funny!

Monsters too sugary for me and we don’t have Adrenaline Rush here in Sweden… :geno:

On topic: Nice pic, gave me a nice little laugh!

Lol reminded of Meet the Spartans

If adrenaline shots stacked and you used this many at once…

Could Coach break the sound barrier?

Song that matches Coach:

LOL for the love of… Have a funny sir.

I lol’d


The next day, every food court in every mall across America were suddenly emptied.

Overdose? O: i lol’d