Adrenaline SWEPs

I was digging around some old folders and I found my old gamemode, it was a UT styled shooter, and it had a few fairly interesting, if simple weapons that were fairly balanced.

Hence, I will be releasing them to you guys.

It contains:
The accurated rifle.
A general use medium ranged assault rifle
The Hack.
A light energy weapon, mainly as a sidearm, each player spawned in with this weapon (I planned to make the laser customisable but never got to it)
The Rocker
A 3 rocket rocket launcher, very simple. It’s meant to have some projectile drop.
The Plasma Rifle
A simple projectile weapon.
The Bullet Hose
Explanation unneeded.
The Slugger

Essentially an even more badass version of the quake 3 railgun.

The weapons are all really simple and I’m thinking of overhauling them, so they look prettier.

They’re fairly balanced against eachother in a UT/Quake styled environment (go out, find guns, shoot people) so I’d mainly sa if someone is making that sort of gamemode and desires some already fairly balanced weapons, here you go!
I give you all my blessing to use these in your own gamemodes and servers, providing I am credited.

Pic related: It’s me holding my Slugger.

I love DM styled weapons.
They look great for any war or PvP sitiation.
PS:Try to make some Bulletstorm styled SWEPS.

Awesome, i love both Quake and UT, and its nice to see something themed along the lines of those games.