Adrian Shepard: The Survivor

JESUS H. CHRIST, you went a little overboard with the ingame-editing.

Filter rape!!!

Extreme filter rape

eyes are bleeding.

My brain is bleeding.

I am bleeding.

My Eyes!
My fucking Eyes!!

Adrian Shepard: The Sole Survivor of Filter Rapes

I almost died

I see lot of weird colours, but i’m not under any kind of drugs, what’s wrong ?

What the hell?

i see construct and i see filter rape

very bad combo.

:smithicide: my eyes

Construct + Filter Rape= :psypop:

Everything Everyone here said, I second the notion.


God, this is terrible.

My eyes!:barf:


what? im bored. :expressionless: TOTAL RECALL FTW!

My eyes, etc.

Make the filter rape stop.