ADS sensitivity multiplier...

Am I the only one who dislikes it? Its like 4 times as slow as the regular sens… I wish they would add an option for it at least, I prefer 1:1.

It helps sniping and stuffz
But yeah, for close range it sucks

Edit: Wait, ADS means aim down sights right?

I guess you could always make some sort of macro that boosts your mouse sensitivity while you’re holding down right mouse if it bothers you that much.

A separate ADS sensitivity is kind of a necessity these days in my eyes. If you arn’t going to make it 1:1 with the regular look sensitivity - there needs to be an option for players to configure it to their own tastes.

That being said, I doubt we’ll see it for a while. There’s more pressing matters to be addressed.

I would welcome an option because I am used to bf and cod in that regard. kind of annoying. And come on, cant take more than 30 mins to implement an option ofr this. It must basically be in the code, so all they needed to do was make that part of the code accessible.

Just make a macro for it if it’s so easy

pretty stupid comment.
besides i run a mouse that doesnt support macros.

What bout a script
Are those even in
Like how in tf2 you could get it to change your mouse sensitivity whenever you scoped in

hehe ^^ yes if this was source engine stuff liek that would be easy. however as off now I highly doubt you can script or bind more than one function to a key. if you could, then I would. I just dont rly get why they force such low sens upon people :slight_smile: i need to run super fast “un-ADS’d” sens now to have a proper ADS sens…