Adult| Mature Audiences| Fresh Wipe| PVP| No Durability| Insta Craft| Bounties | Economy| Leader Board and more!!

Greetings and salutations fellow rust players. The Adult server is now back with new management!! So come join us on our new journey.

What you can expect here

-Fresh 100 slot server! We will never wipe unless absolutely necessary.

  • This is an adults only server, and we will use our best judgement in banning anyone that doesn’t use the common sense of an adult.

  • Hackers/Dupers will be banned.

  • Jerks will be banned. Griefing players off the server, or hurting a new players chance at surviving here won’t be tolerated. That being said, we love PvP. We will be lenient here, but again we want people to use good judgement.

Other examples of a jerk: Building on another active players house just to ruin it.

-Friendly people and noob friendly

  • We look forward to surviving with you!

To join us

  1. Press F1 at the start menu of Rust.
  2. Copy and paste or type in this phrase: net.connect
  3. Press ENTER and you’re done!

We have a very active team of admins, and there will be absolutely ZERO admin abuse. Most of the admins here have been gaming since at least back to old school Ultima Online and Shadowbane days. We will look at having some fun events down the road once the server populates.

We also have a 500 man TS3 server, and forums @

***Features ***
-Door sharing
-Sleepers on
-Fall Damage on
-Durability off
-Rare Military drops
-Explosives not craftable
-Removal tool
-Custom loot list
-Airdrops at 7 players (might be changed)
-Player List
-Player location
-Bounty Board
-Starter Kits

  • and more…

As we get more people back on server we’ll start hosting events with prizes and any other cool things we may think of.

This has always been a good server, glad to see it back up and running again :slight_smile:

Need more people!!

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Great server loads of fun yo!

Hey this is good news, great server, cant wait to log in tonight.




More people are logging in, come now get established early while you can!




this server is definitely not mature.

i find an admin god mode looting her dead body in big rad. i ask her what that was. she replies ‘im checking loot tables’. what she was really doing was interfering with my play experience without any word or announcement. i then get attacked with insults by her friends and harassed for a few minutes before leaving.

i highly discourage anyone from joining this server. out of my 500+ hours on rust, its no doubt the most immature server ive played in.

You were caught griefing running around looting boxes and the putting 1 cloth in them so they would not respawn. She was running around and removing the cloth so they would respawn so other people could get loot.

Secondly she never died, if she was in god mode she can’t be killed. Thirdly you sat there online for 15 mins tossing out insults and using racial and other derogatory remarks. You were about to be banned, but alas you left first.

I agree with REDFLAMINGO, I logged on, played a couple hours… Saw 3 airdrops come in (in one day time, no signal flair or anything close to it)… and the night change to day 3 times.

Thanos and Paye(or something close to that) use admin commands to do as they plz. Do not recommend this server. Fail on all aspects. All I wanted was a place to play with my GF and build.

They say, " OHH its a script ERROR" bull crap…

You and your friends threatened to DDOS the server. Airdrops happen once a day if there are 7 people online. You all have been reported for hacking. Have a nice day. Only time the time of day was changed was when Paye was building a arena for you guys.

Disagree 100%. Join and you will see, waste of time! find something else. To report for hacking is the most childish thing someone can do… You have at least 8people to 1 who say your full of shit!

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I have Fraps video to prove (day night switch with 3 airdrops coming in and both Thanos and Paye saying, “ohh must be script error” ask and you will receive!

Doctor Doom Owns Server sounds like a DDOS attack to me… You guys cannot even kill one person. Sad and pathetic. Why don’t you use your god mode next time because thats the only way you will be able to kill me. Im glad you banned us, your server is pathetic trash filled with trolling noobs.

Do not join this server. Within the first 30 minutes, there were two airdrops directly in front of one of the admin bases. They said “Oh it must have been an error” Yeah…right. The admins are a bunch of babies and if you make a complaint and call them out on it, they kick you off the server. Thanos is the admin that kicked me and my friends off. Paye and is the guy that ordered the drop in front of his base twice. Griefing is apparently allowed. I’m sure there will be a reply to my post saying that “you and your friends threatened the server”. Yeah. We did. Because we are good. If you are any good at this game, don’t bother with this server. Admin abuse. HUGE. I had several items go missing. I would literally be looking at my inventory and things would disappear…
Bottom line. Don’t join this server. All it is is a bunch of admins that are on a power trip. Not worth anyone’s time. I’ve seen 13 year old kids run better servers.

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of Eotakk" - postal))

Says the person who threatened to DDOS… LOL seems legit. Keep commenting I appreciate the page bumps.

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Admins cannot control where airdrops land, it’s random. You kids need to stop seriously :slight_smile: You and your friends threatened to DDOS the server, guilt by association as far as I am concerned. Admins also cannot remove items from someone inventory. List of admin commands look for yourself. Clearly you and your friends fail to understand the meaning of the word “mature” You won’t be missed…and hopefully you all will be banned from joining other servers. Have a good night <3