Adult| Mature Audiences| Fresh Wipe| PVP| No Durability| Insta Craft| Bounties Leader Board and more!!

Greetings and salutations fellow rust players. Tired of a server that Admins are always abusing their powers and always getting greifed come join us.

What you can expect here

-Fresh 100 slot server! We will never wipe unless absolutely necessary.

  • This is an adults only server, and we will use our best judgement in banning anyone that doesn’t use the common sense of an adult.

  • Hackers/Dupers will be banned.

  • Jerks will be banned. Griefing players off the server, or hurting a new players chance at surviving here won’t be tolerated. That being said, we love PvP. We will be lenient here, but again we want people to use good judgement.

Other examples of a jerk: Building on another active players house just to ruin it.

-Friendly people and noob friendly

  • We look forward to surviving with you!

To join us

  1. Press F1 at the start menu of Rust.
  2. Copy and paste or type in this phrase: net.connect
  3. Press ENTER and you’re done!

We have a very active team of admins, and there will be absolutely ZERO admin abuse. Most of the admins here have been gaming since at least back to old school Ultima Online and Shadowbane days. We will look at having some fun events down the road once the server populates.

We also have a 500 man TS3 server Address:
, and forums @

-Door sharing
-Sleepers on
-Fall Damage on
-Durability off
-New Spawn Protection from PvP
-Explosives not craftable
-Removal tool
-Custom loot list
-Airdrops at 5 players (might be changed)
-Player List
-Skill Levels
-Player location
-Bounty Board
-Starter Kits

  • Many Events
  • So Much More…

As we get more people back on server we’ll start hosting events with prizes and any other cool things we may think of.

Spent the weekend on the server, well done guys you have brought on of the best servers imho back to life, for that I thank you.

To those reading not sure whether they should join or not, come on and give it a try, the admins are friendly and no nonsense is tolerated.

If you looking for a good server with a great community, then look no further you have found it :slight_smile:

Thanks Hun… Love seeing you and all the other players keep coming back

Lets take a vote… Is it better to be able to craft explosives or have it restricted?

I’m a bit biased here in as much as I don’t get to play with the majority of the members of the server except over weekends, that being said I still think it’s fine if we can craft C4 but not the explosive putty as that prevents big groups from just farming in materials to make the C4.

I may be wrong but I think most of the players on the server are greatful that C4 is not that easy to come by so the raiding is held at bay to some extent.

Feel free to chime in with yay or nay, just throwing my 2c into the ring.

Yup, I’m with Chronhog on this one, keep C4 craftable, but putty not. cya online tonight.

I am with ya’ll about the white explosive part not being craft able. so the charge will be able to be made but the white stuff is a no. :slight_smile:

We had a little problems with the update to Oxide but we are back up and running come see us. [ADULT]ACTIVE ADMINS[PvP][NewbFriendly][Oxide]
Connection Info:

We have done some updating to the server. Level system air drops every hour with min of 5 players. There is always an active admin.

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Still some things to be worked out and I am very open to suggestions.

Paye and the new crew have been doing a great job. :slight_smile: Hope to see many more join our community. Newbs, vets …it doesn’t matter, you won’t find a bunch of “leet” little trolley bastards on this server.

Thanks Paye!

WE Need some Pvp people to come on and stir some things up.

Great server, working to keep it all interesting. Implemented a skill and leveling system. Air drops at five online so bring a group and come on in.

Explosives are craftable.

This server has lots of mods and are always testing out new ones! There is always an admin on running events and challenges. Airdrops are every hour as long as there are people on.

Oh, the Economy mod works!! I can buy and sell items.

New Update. There has been a C4 Limiter put on for now going to see how it works out. You can craft it and use it when there are 5 people online. This should give players time to build up and rebuild after being raided.

Good server, have friends who I play with here, but server population has dropped drastically in the last 4 days or so, so bumpity need more, getting bored lol.

Please forgive us while we hatch out broken mods tonight. The server is up now but will be down again later today for a short duration as we get closer to our finished product.

Here’s hoping you all are finished by the time I log in, xD

Good server, Friendly people online


YAY Mods are up. come see us and get your xp points for killings players and animals. Building a city to start the hunger games. Will have random boxes placed around the server with explosives and other goodies.
Not just your random loot spawn boxes