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Hey Guys and Girls of course. I am know as Paye on this server that I am an admin of. Are you tired of always being harassed and just all around fed up with the constant greifing. Well TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!!!

What you can expect here

-Fresh 50 slot server! We will never wipe unless absolutely necessary.

  • This is an adults only server, and we will use our best judgement in banning anyone that doesn’t use the common sense of an adult.

  • Hackers/Dupers will be banned.

  • Jerks will be banned. Briefing players off the server, or hurting a new players chance at surviving here won’t be tolerated. That being said, we love PvP. We will be lenient here, but again we want people to use good judgement.

Other examples of a jerk: Building on another active players house just to ruin it.

-Friendly people and noob friendly

  • We look forward to surviving with you!

To join us

  1. Press F1 at the start menu of Rust.
  2. Copy and paste or type in this phrase: net.connect
  3. Press ENTER and you’re done!

We have a very active team of admins, and there will be absolutely ZERO admin abuse. Most of the admins here have been gaming since at least back to old school Ultima Online and Shadowbane days. We will look at having some fun events down the road once the server populates.

We also have a 500 man TS3 server, and forums @

-Door sharing
-Sleepers on
-Fall Damage on
-Durability off
-Rare Military drops
-Explosives not craftable
-Removal tool
-Custom loot list
-Airdrops at 7 players (might be changed)
-Player List
-Player location
-Bounty Board
-Starter Kits

  • and more…

As we get more people back on server we’ll start hosting events with prizes and any other cool things we may think of.

Other than the fact that this post is against the rules…

Anyone who wants to play this server should be warned:

The OPs linked Steam account is lvl 1 and doesn’t even have Rust on it.
Something sketchy is likely going on. I wouldn’t trust it.

I am pretty sure are looking at the wrong steam account. The server is doing well. So lets just let people decided for themselves.
Thank you

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Yea that is not my steam account so let me fix that

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Yes I did start this in the wrong place. Sorry about that