Adults with lives - looking for a team?

Looking for a 18+ group to team up with that would primarily play nights (east coast USA ). - preferably anyone who can’t play 10 hours a day and would like to team up on a new server for a few hours a night. Some experience with the game required please.

I could be interested in this. I really with it was 25+ group lol

Same. I’m looking for non-students, preferably 30+ to play with. No raging no stupid drama. Just the pure fun for few hours playing time per day.

you realize that’s more or less a maturity issue and not an age issue right?

Hah I know what you mean. 25+ sounds better.

Add me on steam: “acrossalloceans”
I’ll be on tonight

What’s your steam I’ll add you. I’m 32 and have the same thoughts you do

Okay I’ll add you later on. I’m Eastern Time just so you know

If only there was a people metric that strongly correlated with maturity that could help pre-filter people you might want to play with …

That would be amazing!

why don’t you just play with people that you meet ingame and then keep playing with them if you like to be around them?

I’m interested - count me in!

Username: Darrvit

I agree with Johnny, maturity really doesn’t have that much to do with age ,example : you just “dummbed” him for simply writing a good point . Met 30-40s that were whining about everything that was happening to them and raging . Most of my mates(that I met in rust) I was playing with or still play other games are about 18-25 and they are great guys . Try what Johnny said :wink: just speak with more guys on the servers you visit and see which you like then simply stick together . There’s no problem in playing with guys younger than you , I guess at 18-20 you weren’t a drama queen or something of that sort either .

This post wasn’t started to spur a debate on maturity and age. Just trying to find players in my age range and time restrictions.

if you’re looking for older/mature players, Facepunch especially the rust section isn’t the right place.

26 w/ a day job and in the same boat if you want to add me on Steam.

Username: YotaYard

This. There is no way to tell people’s maturity nor I’m trying to do it here.
Just want to find people in my age who is out of school, working and living in the society as a responsible adult. And this means a lot to me for choosing who to play with. Sorry, English isn’t my first language so please don’t flame me for the grammar and spelling.

My steam name is the same as here. “Tunagoblin”
Hit me on steam anytime.
I’m in the east coast NA.

Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t trying to start a debate but rather I was just saying that you can find mature and fun people that aren’t necessarily 30+ so you can also give them a shot .

p.s: not interested in joining or anything was just trying to help in a way

That’s probably why ceasetobe went with 18+ rather than 25+ as Gin_Ja suggested. While it is true age doesn’t necessitate maturity, the older you are more likely to be mature, and the closer you are to that person’s age the more in common you’re likely to have. There’s more to it than just maturity. At least it is to me.

I am interested. Please message me on steam above.

My username is MoridanX; i would prefer to play on hardcore servers with few wipes

We have older population on the server, its pve but with 2 pvp zones (hacker valley|small radtown) and pvp is allowed at airdrops so no worries if you go out just for hunting and gathering, admins are actually extremely good and do gaming for living… if you really wanted a great community you should come to us, we are ranked as third best community in rust in the world according to gametracker… if you’re interested add me on steam: likii1

I have about 10 + friends in the same situation, you can check out our server at