Adv. Dup and Duplicator issues

People cannot use advanced duplicator, not even myself and I’m the server owner. People try to spawn something they have in there adv dup menu, but it says Blocked entity. This applies for every item, i spawned a random sofa and right clicked it to dup it and then left click to place down at it says ’ Pasting 0% ’ and then nothing happens. The same applies for the Ordinary duplicator tool…

Here’s the correct code if you are using the GMod ranks (so functions like IsAdmin and IsSuperAdmin work)

function GAMEMODE:CanTool(ply,tr,toolmode)
	if ( toolmode == "duplicator" or toolmode == "adv_duplicator" ) and not ply:IsAdmin() and not ply:IsSuperAdmin() then
		return false

EDIT: OP edited the post, I don’t know if this fixes it now. I was assuming the code he put in his post was causing errors.

I’m using evolve ranks,
Admin, Super Admin, Head Admin and Owner