Adv Dupe 2 blocked entities?

Hey everyone … Garry c:

Let me first start off by saying I ‘love’ building things in garrysmod but suck at doing it a second time, which is why I use Adv Dupe 2. I run into the same problem a LOT. What happened was I built this huge dueling arena that took 3 or 4 hours to make since my server has a Duel NPC, and the next day when I try to paste the dupe it says a single entity in the whole thing is on the blacklist and it stops spawning the whole thing. Is there any way I can just skip over that one prop that was magically blacklisted over night so that the whole thing spawns in and I can just repair whatever it was? Anyone have any idea why that single prop was randomly blocked overnight?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


You could un-blacklist it, and re-blacklist it when removed.
OR, if this isnt your server, do it on SP (With no blacklists) and find/remove the prop.