adv dupe error

i downloaded several thing tht were adv dup files, but i open them in adv dupe menu and it says loading, wen its done it doesnt ghost, when i paste its just a jeep with error over it and a camera floating behind it. cant drive it. this for thing tht dont even involve vehicles or cameras

Get the requirements to fix the error, whats the file called? ( also, sometimes ghosts just wont work, no idea why )

There is also a Help sub-forum.

You will probably get more help in there.

didnt see anything in forums, trust me i’ve been looking almost non stop, and i have all the requirements for this specific item, is there other requirements for adv dup in general?

You need the models the dupe is using. Adv dupes don’t include the models.

again, i have all the requirements for it. its not just 1 thing either, every one tht i’ve downloaded does this, but not the ones i made.