Adv dupe Error?

whenever i spawn something, and i mean ANYTHING it gets to “loading 50%” and freezes like gmod does when it needs time to think. if this is just a problem with wire mod or something, i’d really like to know, and if you guys are having the same problems. and of course “HELP ME”!

A lot of people are having issues with Adv Duplicator since the last update.

So it is not just me then. all of my saved games are useless now

The last update should’ve fixed it.

still doesn’t work, guess im gonna have to wait for someone to fix it :L

Same .-.

but i did fix my saved games! but i can’t save them with my advance dupe so i guess ill wait.

So does anyone have anymore information about the advanced dupe freezing at 50% if not that is fine but if you do get information please post it.

Try removing the adv dupe folder (the settings only from the addons) then update your wiremod. It worked for me