Adv. Dupe failure

Ok, I am trying to make a flying mecha. I can sort everything out, work with the e2, and make it seemingly perfect.

The problem? Adv. Dupe sucks when trying to dupe it, especially when it comes to the e2 and ball joints.

I have the one that comes installed with the wire SVN. I just installed wire the other day, so I highly doubt it was an install issue. Here is a picture of what I am trying to create:

I made the ball-joints have limits, so they can’t fly off or spazz out. Anyone know the problem? I also have all the bones attached to the base with free movement (so that it is rigid).

Any help?

Adv. Dupe can break sometimes like that. But whats the problem really “it sucks” dosent say anything at all

It doesn’t include the ball sockets. The wing just falls apart.