Adv. Dupe files through cloudscripts.

Maybe there could be Adv. Duplicator files through cloudscripts? It’s just an idea.

Doubt it would be difficult to implement, but in doing so garry would have to make adv. duplicator an official part of garrysmod.

1337 PHX forts everywhere :rolleye:

Oh wait, yeah. Adv dupe is made by the wiremod team… Anyways they would be shit dupes everywhere…

:wtc: Hell No.

I recall Garry saying a while ago, on his blog or something, that he wanted to improve the duplicator. Like add proper saving and ability to share dupes and stuff. I think this was around the time he added the serverside saving we have now.

I suppose cloudscript would be good for that.

I think this would be a great idea, I love duping vehicles and stuff, maybe the community could make cool ones as well and share them.

NOTHANKYOU! Think of this. Got to Look at the right hand column. Look at how many of those are dupes. In fact, just click on list all by age. Now tell me how many of those dupes are in any way decent. Now imagine if CloudScript had an ingame upload button, so every 1337 H4XX0R can upload their garbage.

Now imagine every batshit retarded 10 year old spawning any dupe they get their hands on, spamming up the servers, and grinding perfectly reputable servers to a halt. Now want to still suggest this is a good idea?

I mean come on, people! Visit once in a while just for teh lulz! I do!