Adv dupe is spazzing up

well you see i downloaded the adv dupe tool. and when i spawn other people creations the constraints are not spawned and the whole contraption just explodes and props go everywhere.

so i downloaded another adv dupe tool which didn’t have the “data” folder. so i made one with “data” and inside “adv duplicator” will the contraptions spawn or show ingame if i put them in this folder?

Where did you get your copy of Adv Dupe? then some other place i forgot about. the reason im not using SVN is because when i use svn stuff, its on my computer but dosent show ingame. instead theres just a tick beside all the folders and nothing happens


im sorry but thats where i found the first one, it seemed like it was where i could get a working version. but im wrong.

i need one with the data folder so i can download adv dupes and i want it to work. not denying constraints and making props fly all over due to a lua error.

if you can help get the svn version workin and need info look at the post above mac trekkie

Well if you checkout the svn to the desktop then copy the non .svn folders into garrysmod/addons then it should work.

just found out the svn dosent have a data folder so using the dupes i found is now out of the question


give one which has a data folder or tell me how to get the dupes ingame