Adv dupe map save?

the savs gmod is using now sucks, is it possible to make something that would save all the props entities etc in a map to a file and load again? just like adv duplicator but for the whole map?
click and all the props entities etc are on their original location on the map.
im not using adv duplicator for this because it has to be on an exact location on the map when i want to continue building something.

What’s wrong with Garry’s Mod saves? Is there a specific problem you’re having? Also, there is nothing that can save the entire set of props on a map. The closest thing you can get to what you’re asking for is welding everything together and making and Advanced Duplication.

When pasting check the “Paste at same location” box.

after ive loaded a sav e2 chips are broken or something (they are red), i cant use tools.
there is no place at same location box when you start a new game (or i didnt see it)

E2 chips have to be manually reloaded with the E2 tool. The same location box is at the bottom of the Advanced duplicator option panel when ready to paste.

lol, you’r right :stuck_out_tongue: