~Adv Dupe small problem~

Well I finally managed to get it working via SVN but unfortunatley there are no data files in it so I cannot spawn already made contraptions and such.

What happend to all of them??

I can save things just fine and it works in online servers but not in singleplayer?

Any help would be great =)




Are you saying that if you save something in a server and when you go to singleplayer you don’t find what ever you saved in the directory? Cause if so, then to solve that, next time after you save something when playing on a server, you will have to download the file also in order to spawn that dupe in singleplayer.

Yeah dude if u save something to a server you have to download it to YOUR directory (it saves to the server’s otherwise). Go to “Upload/Download Files” and click on the one you saved, then click download. Usually after I download I then delete it in the Server Folder Management Options, or whatever it’s called. It’s just good etiquette to clean up your files from the server.

No I’m saying that servers that allow Adv dupe, it only works in those ones. In single player i can save stuff but I cannot spawn pre made things by other people that are usually there.

Even though you’re playing “single player” its just an local server.
Go to the Upload/Download menu in Adv Dupe and upload the save you want


My public document folder is empty where as it should have like, 1000 contraptions pre made by other people already there right?


Have you checked that people have actually saved stuff?

When I had Adv dupe on my old comp before it crashed, there was already saves…

edit By the way, this is inside my public doc folder not what shows up when i click the just the tool.

Okay, every server has certain duplications uploaded by people who visit the server. In order to see these when in single player, you must first acquire them by downloading them from the server in the upload/download menu. The Advanced Duplicator only shows duplications that are present on the current server.

ohh i see…

But then how did i have them already on my old computer?


I’m not giving up on this.

Repeat bumping will not fix it.

Have you reinstalled garry’s mod? Reformatted? Reinstalled Steam?

Because, if you’re using a new computer you have to look into garrysmod/garrysmod/data/adv_duplicator on your old system to find your contraptions, they will be in .txt format. Your creations do not join the SVN, you have to copy the old Advanced Duplicator data.