Adv Dupe won't save

Hey… I have been gmodding for a while, and ever since I downloaded the Advance Duplicator, it is stubborn and will not save in singleplayer. It can spawn things just fine. I really want to try and fix this, because then I don’t have to build in laggy servers, save my stuff, and download it from the server.
Please help. -Toasta

did you get a download off

or did you use the SVN? or GLua?

a general rule of thumb for the .org is, if it’s important, it’s out of date.

same problem with me


my advanc e duplicater came with garrysmod when i got it

Definitely use the SVN,
SVN tutorial

Adv. Dupe SVN

No it didn’t.

(SVN Tutorial has already been posted twice in this thread, or I would have posted it :D)

I beat you to it :smiley: