Adv dupe won't save

Hey, I’ve made a car in single player now and used hours on it but now it won’t save.

cdir= adv_duplicator
AdvDupe Timer Error: not enough memory
AdvDupe: Sending this ErrorMsg to Player [1][Glt |. Lawliet]
AdvDupe-ERROR: “Failed Savingfile”

“not enough memory”
I doubt that’s the problem because gmod only uses 800 000 of 6 000 000 bytes memory.

Anyone know any command or anything to make it save?

Save the game for a temporary fix

I’ve had this problem before and when I did that last time… gmod crashed.


YAY, gmod just randomly crashed for nothing and I just lost a car I’ve built on for 6 hours :expressionless:

Update wiremod?

I made a truck yesterday and could save that O.o