adv dupe

I axis 10 things together, and I dupe them but when I paste them the Axis is very weak and is dangling, I have to re do all 10 axis to stop the dangling(I click the freeze on the adv dupe menu) and also I notice everytime I advance duplicate something breaks, welds and constraints??

Anyone can help me with this problem please.

this is called weak constraints , you need to make sur the differance in mass is greater than 5 , i would consider puttin cans inbetween eack ball

I’m making a tank, creating the suspension of the tank for 10 road wheels is very hard because every time I duplicate, all axis is weak and wheels axis is weak to. When I advance duplicate even though I set weight above 5 and higher its still dangling I have to redo all axis again which is frustrating when I need to redo 40 axis…