adv gmod no come with it

k i need some help. when i downloaded gmod from steam it didn’t come with the “adv_duplicator” folder and i want to add stuff like jets and mechs but they need to go into the adv_duplicator folder, what do i do?

Search and download the Advanced Duplicator.

It isn’t that hard. :expressionless:

Doesn’t adv. dupe come with the wire svn


Wire SVN or any Wire for that fact, doesn’t come with gmod

i tried downloading all adv_dupe packs and folders but none of them seem to work…

Make a folder in the gmod dir called adv_dupe, it isnt very hard.

ok i have the same problem as cpt_squeaks, so why won’t any one just post a link here to get the wire svn and the adv duplicator tool. simple as that


thank you very much good sir!

why do i have the feeling he’ll need more help

Because he will.

Adv.dupe didn’t originally come from wire(I think but they are separate things you know what i mean) but I got loads of reuploads that didn’t work. i got to work by downloading a pack called" 101 tools" or somethig, so it seems to me thats your best option.

Or don’t do this as that is a absolutely shit pack and barely credits the original developers. Most of the tools are outdated, broken, or plain fucking useless.

Get what you need, not what you think is good to have. It keeps GMod nice and streamlined so it actually loads.


It’s an addon, you get it from this webpage.

use svn, and if you dont know how, look up a tutorial.

Shouldn’t even be on there.

It’s talking about creations made with Wire/Adv. Dup files.

E.I. Someone posts their “Cool” base they made and uploaded the Adv. dup file.

I trol’d

lolololol it dosent come with gmod!

That has already been established.