Adv duplicator thrusters error and no collide

Hey, i have an adv duplicator problem that when i spawn a duplicator car it spawns and then all the thrusters falling down and i have popups saying "error: cant spawn thruster " something like that… and it also happens when there is sometimes no-collide…
i heard its because of the lates update… but i still see people making adv cars and people who are downloading them…
can you help me how to fix it???

Change in thrusters. Don’t paste old dupes.

This happened to me, if u have COPIED adv_dupe out of wire_svn then make sure you move or delete the wire_svn folder. Once i did that it worked. Dunno why :S

I’ve had this problem before with a dodgy install; it can happen with outdated or conflicting versions of Adv Dupe, or Wire, but I managed to fix my vanilla install’s problem, by reinstalling and cleaning.