Adv Duplicator "You are not allowed to use this tool"

I downloaded the adv duplicator from the svn trunk and uploaded it to my server. Everything works great except when i try to paste something it says “You are not allowed to use this tool”. How do i make it so that everyone who joins my server is able to use the adv duplicator?

Change the permissions of that tool.
What Admin Mod are you using. ULX or ASS?

ulx how do I change the permissions?

It should be in one of the (long time since I used that shit) admin controls in your admin control panel. Otherwise look at your permissions text file.

You mean the ulx menu?


There is nothing there for tools. I know because I wanted to get rid of the paint gun. Do you think there’s something wrong with the files? After all I can’t even use it on my own server.

Maybe. That’s werid cause usually when something is install it’s default is to work with all ranks, from guests to super admins. Check the files.

Which files?

Server files.

-_- Which files in the server files?

Actually I might have a better solution for you. Since your admin, try this, groupallow <name of tool here>
You might be able to just allow yourself to use Adv Dup. If not, well you got me a bit stumped.
It would be in one of the .txt files to do with permissions(remember I don’t use ULX nor have I fucked with it in a while)


Where would this .t file be? I don’t have the tool restrict plugin so i don’t have that command.