Adv Duplicator?

When I right click on something with adv dupe, it works fine so that I can make copies of it on that map but when I try to save it to reload it on another server it asks for a filename and description so I put them in but when I hit save nothing happens?

Yo! i have the same thing here! did you just do anything drastic to the files of gmod? like uninstalling it or reseting the gmod files? (sorry for my spelling)


Oh and I just cant save period

Yeah i got the same issuse as well i just downloaded it yesterday i can copy it copies just fine but the save option just wont work i click on it and the window just stays open

ya it used to work then all of a sudden i had an issue with memory so i deleted all gmod files and then when i re-downloaded it it wont save


does any one know how to fix?


actually i just recently found a way to work this but you need contraption saver tool … you save it on there then it automaticly puts a folder in your adv_dupe but it is not perfect