Adv. Headcrab Pill

We already have a Headcrab Pill swep:

But what do you think about making a Headcrab Pill, that will let as make a zombies from other npcs?
That will be easy thing:

Three pills - normal h. pill, fast h. pill, and poison h. pill

mouse 1: attack
mouse 2: jump on head of npc

After mouse 2, there will be 30 seconds long animation, when npc wants to get rid of parasite (sometimes he will escape, sometimes not) I think there is animation like that in original HL2 files.

After 30 seconds, host will become zombie, and we will be able to control it.
(If our headcrab was poison, after 30 seconds posion headcrabs will come from nowhere and jump on back of our zombie. We will be able to throw them with mouse 2, and they will be able to make zombies too!)

All we need is LUA. Models and animations are already in game :slight_smile:

ps. I’m from Poland, so my english can sometimes be… kind of strange

The only issue is… Do you want to be able to zombify players too?

It might be interesting enough if it’s like zombie survival but instead of killing, you’d be using only headcrabs to zombify…

Hard to code but neat idea

Easy to code, but if used in multiplayer you can’t both make it balanced and make it look good.

Easy for you to say. If it’s so easy, then make it by the next 48 hours.

I bet he could.

I don’t know the meaning of the word balanced :c00lbert:


In other words…who ever said it had to be balanced?


I really want something like this especially the thrown poison headcrabs making more zombies.

I’m Mr. Bix and I endorse this request.

Super Bump, maybe now someone will make this.

I agree I would have so much fun with this XD