Advance Dupe Reporting

Since there is no report on

We post any list of adv dupes that are not worth of being on there
Example of a dupe that shouldn’t be on =
Example of one that should =

use code tags to stop it being messy

I’ll find more once im not busy
Also, FP mods should moniter and anyone using the tag advanceddupe or dupe should have the file removed with the reason “You uploaded a dupe! CEASE THIS FAGGOTRY AT ONCE!”

We need to have some sort of way to filter dupes from results. A category system would do just fine. As you upload you would be asked if you are uploading a Map/Dupe/SItem/Vehicle/Save/Utility Addon/Security Addon/Skin/Effect/Prop/Background

Then be able to do an advanced search option, which allows only showing or exclusion of certain categories.

We also need MUCH more moderation on there.

There’s a lot of dumb, useless crap like dupes on there. The problem is there there are no consequences for uploading terrible files, so there needs to be a way to filter out the horrible crap like dupes and savegames. needs to be completely purged of idiots. I stopped going there for things because everything is a reupload of somebody elses’ pack which is a reupload of other shit some 9 year old made.

I agree, I have no idea why people think someone is going to like their crappy dupe/automatic explosive shotgun that fires 99 rounds per second.

Kill Breen mission #17

I stopped uploading most my shit because everytime I uploaded something 2 minutes later it was reuploaded with credits to the reuploader, the only edited code was the parts saying I owned it!