Advance dupe to hammer

Is it possible to put my advance duplicated model into hammer so i can use it as a prop_physic (or physbox i can’t remember). I have created a simple boat out of the default things gmod comes with, useful comic props, stuff like that, and also it contains an airboat seat
So is it possible?

ask in programing, that’s a good Idea though

You can’t make it as model. You could recreate it with making it out of prop_physics and using hammer’s physics entities, I guess.

Or then you can import it with some nifty trick I don’t know about.

so it would need to program to convert it to a prop?
also how would i make a seat that you can press E and get in,in hammer?

you won’t be able to turn it into a single prop but search “VMF” on and you’ll find some tools to export props from in-game to hammer. There is also a console command you can use apparently, no idea what it is though.

VMF suite can do this, sort of, it’s buggy though and it doesn’t work well with the latest versions of Gmod.

wc_update_entity, however you require the exact version of the vmf the map was compiled from open in hammer in the background, otherwise it won’t work.

so i have to have these open:
Garrys mod with my map loaded
Valve hammer editor (with my same map loaded)
then i type in the console " wc_map_update "
would i need garrys mod in windowed mode, 640 X 860?

kind of, that was a shitty explanation, here is a better one:

And no.

Im guessing its this:
Using map_edit to settle physics props

You can use the map_edit command to update your .VMF with the positions of physics props after they've been settled into their final position by the game's physics system. This saves valuable CPU cycles at the start of the map, as well as preventing props from visually "dropping" into place when the map is loaded or a new round begins (in a multiplayer game).

To use map_edit to update the position of prop_physics or prop_physics_multiplayer or entities:

   1. Load the map in Hammer.
   2. Compile the map to make sure the contents of the .BSP are identical to the current .VMF you have open. Important: Do not make any changes or even save the map after compiling, or the edit will fail! Remember to turn off auto-saves in Hammer if you have them on!
   3. Minimize Hammer.
   4. Start the game (windowed mode works best).
   5. At the console, type map_edit <mapname> and the map will load (i.e. map_edit de_inferno).
   6. After the map loads, wait a few moments for the physics props to settle.
   7. Open the console and type wc_update_entity prop_physics or wc_update_entity prop_physics_multiplayer, depending on what type of props you are using. (Here and below, replace wc_update_entity with hammer_update_entity if necessary.)
   8. Type quit to exit the game.
   9. Switch back over to Hammer. The locations of the physics props should be updated.
  10. Check the results, then save your changes to the map.
  11. Recompile the map, and the physics props will start in the "settled" positions. 

You should now be able to safely mark many of the props with the Start Asleep flag. This will provide additional performance savings because no physics calculation will occur for the prop until it is acted upon by a physics force that would move it.