Advance dupe

how you save your models to advance duplicater and load then the next time

Click the button that says save and then click on it again when you want to load it.

duhh thats what iv been doing

Alright then

You’re welcome.

Dude stop making threads. Search first. You have 4 on the first page.
At the top.

fine ok but i dont wnat to search like 400 pages

Use the search funktion!


well close this thread found out i need wiremod for advance dup thanks for ur guys help happy gameing


well if the question has not been answered completely yet i will make it clear, if you did the creation on a multiplayer server you must save it then DOWNLOAD it!!!

silly people i dont do multi player its a good way to get hacked by doing multi player

Are you serious? People can’t hack you online, only a server that makes you download certain files can mess up your game.

I’m completely at a loss what to say

Please note that about 70% of the dupe files were flagged. Probably by ONE little fucker that is trying to piss people off. I find these dupe planes, FLAGGED, I find these RP houses, FLAGGED!
Someone needs to ban this guys from the website if its only one person joking around.