Advance MOTD

Advance Message Of The Day
Hi all.
I was sick of just having a MOTD (mainly ULX) which i had no control over.
Especially when i wanted to turn OFF the motd for a while (say when i was coding something, or at a LAN), and the ULX MOTD would NOT turn off!
So i decided to code this instead.

At the current time, all this does is, allow you to turn On/Off the MOTD while being IN GAME.

ToDo List
** Get the bloody gamemode option working! (DONE)
** Make the Convars STAY after the server has been shut down. (DONE)
** SQL Rewrite (DONE) [Failed]
** TXT Rewrite (DONE)
** Derma ReWrite
** Anything else i find useful to add :stuck_out_tongue:

– GAMEMODE does NOT work! working on FIX at the moment. FIXED
– Client is not receiving the MOTD cons, will fix this with sql rewrite. (CHANGED)
– Client Admin Will not update THEIR settings when another admin changes them. (This i can fix, but don’t have time at the moment.)Not sure about this atm, anyone care to tell me if its working or not ?
– Looks crap, working on a derma rewrite.

Please use the SVN:
to get the latest updates!
Username and Password: anonsvn

This is version 3.1 of the Advance MOTD.
Look under the Settings Tab for the in game menu.

** Change LOG **
**Added Blur to background of MOTD
>> Changed Naming System So you can now see large gamemode names.
**Added Protection for Malformed Gamemodes, Gm Stranded being one of them.
**Redesigned Variable storage. Now sotres in a table, and retrieves values in a better format.
>> Fixed to accept poorly named gamemodes, Spacebuild3 for example.
>> Fixed with minor bug fixes, and everything is now in their respective files, rather than spread throughout both.
>> Fixed Mouse not showing up on some screens.
**Redesigned to use a txt file to store the settings. Doesn’t do everything, but to my knowledge works.
>> Changed to ues tmp tables rather than making my own.
**Redesigned to use SQL tables, rather than convars (well ok including convars).
>>Updated ConVars to be stored after server is shutdown or restarted.
>>Updated Gamemode list, now checks servers gamemode folder and lists them.
**Added Display MOTD Menu (under settings tab!)
**Added Display MOTD for this Gamemode ONLY.
–BUG at the moment the gamemode option does NOT work (beta) I’m working on it at the moment.

Looks good, but your SVN is passworded.

Pretty cool! I’ll try it out on my server in a few minutes.

oops, yea forgot to mention,

(Added to FIRST post)

Err, I’m having some trouble getting it to show up when people join.

Is there a file I can edit to fix that?


Also, there was nothing relating to this addon under “Settings”.
So I assume I must do some tweaking…

Edit 2:


I was wrong. That wasn’t the problem.

So everything works ??

Nah, my players still can’t see it.

But apart from that, everything works nicely.

But you can see it ??
Odd, because it was working for me …


** REMOVED** download link, until further testing can be done.
SVN link still up, if required.


Updated SVN Gamemode choice now works :smiley:
But i have not had time to test if client receives MOTD or lua.
(I have to reinstall Gmod on my desktop.)
That should be finished in about an hour or less.
So if all goes well, i will have a download on gmorg soon.

I like fisting your first post, too!

Could you be more specific of the “gamemode option”'s function? And I don’t quite get the premise of this thing, because the ULX motd has always worked fine for me and turned off when I wanted it to…

I think the gamemode option allows you to have the MOTD on in a certain gamemode, rather than every single one.

Also, the ULX MOTD required you to use ULX, did it not? (If not, feel free to correct me.) This one does not, and I am currently using it on my server, with ASSMod. (It is not visible to my players, though.)


AHA! I fixed the problem!
I think it was missing:

Advance MOTD/lua/init.lua



I did a few minor changes apart from that, but I don’t think they were what fixed it.

I was the one who asked if he could make it check if the gamemode was not Sandbox or Spacebuild so that it would not show up with gamemodes that already have one like Stranded.

Yea, sorry jonney i keep forgetting to add you to a credits thing … (if i make one:P) Oh, and i kind of know what the problem is. But for what i want to add soon. I need to re-design the variables. They need to go into a sql table, rather then using convars. So please keep watching this space, i should finish this is a few hours.


Yes, this should enable your clients to see the motd. I will fix this, so only the client one need to be transfered from the server (which is how it should work.)

One more thing:

I found that a few of my players saw a different MOTD upon joining.
Now, I am guessing that this is because nobody has any originality when it comes to naming the motd.html file in the data directory. :slight_smile:


I fixed it now, for real this time.
I changed the name of the motd.html to advmotd.html, and I adjusted the Lua files accordingly, so that they read advmotd instead of motd.

I read through this thread and might have missed something but as far as ULX MOTD goes there is a function to stop the MOTD from showing up. In the ulx/cfg you will find the server.ini file with all the settings for adverts and such. In that file you will find the line “ulx showMotd 1”, just change the 1 to 0 and the MOTD will no longer show up. Figured I would post this for clarity, I hope I don’t ruffle any feathers.

lol, no itls all good. But i have tried this convar many times, and it did nothing.

Cough Cough … I HATE valve time. I can’t believe i did that !!
Even if i was away on holiday for 4 days (without the internet :frowning: )
Anyway i am still working on this. Completely ignored the SQL idea, as it uses SQL Lite, rather then MySQL. But i have been experimenting around with a text file. I tried to PM Craazy on Steam, but i’m not sure he got it as he was away.

But for anyone that wants to test it out, check out the new revision of the svn. hopefully (no promises though) it will work.

YAY! Ok i have finally managed to test this. And to my knowledge this all works. If you are using this on a listen server, then the admin won’t see the motd. (as well it should be) and will display errors (warning about this) about the settings that need to be saved.

lol, yay post number 4 in a row. I have fixed the mouse not showing up on some screens, seems Gmod MOTD’s require them to be loaded in a specific way.
I now have my dedicated server up and running, so i have been testing it on that, and works fine. Better than the wire admin menu IMO, because my menu works, where as the wire one does not, when using a dedicated server.

Well a little over 2 months since the last release, and i have been asked if advmotd is dead ? Not at the moment it is not. I will be working over the next few weeks (when i have time) to fix the soon to be an issue, Spacebuild 3 does not work with this addon. The naming convertion is way of, so i will have a look into that. Also if Garry releases any major updates that break this motd, i will fix it, because i am still using it myself :slight_smile:

Feel free to post if you have any other ideas, or bugs you would like fixed.


I have updated advmotd to accept poorly named gamemodes, Spacebuild3 for example.
This also includes another rewrite of the storage system. Slightly faster, values are stored in a table now, and then saved into the settings file.

I might add a switch to enable/disable the motd for different user levels.
This will be based using Uteam though, so might cause some problems. But i will try to make it turn to the deafult gmod user levels. [Super Admin, Admin, User, and None] from memory.

Anyway, i have updated the SVN. When i make some more interesting pictures, i’ll upload it to Gmorg again.