Advance MOTD


ummm … thanks ??

Oh shit… Very sorry. Was responding to a different topic ^^

LOL, its all good :stuck_out_tongue:

Added Protection for Malformed Gamemodes, Gm Stranded being one of them. It has the tendency to download random models to the gamemodes folder on YOUR computer, so there is no info.txt for which this script reads. And hence the problems. Servers wont notice the change, but clients should.

Updated SVN. Might post of … if i can be bothered uploading it.

Sorry, but both those ULX problems are on your part.

  1. To turn off the ULX MOTD type in console ulx showmotd 0
  2. You can change it, under garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/ulx/ulx_motd

THanks for that, but NO they were not. I had tried all that, but it was stuck on. And even in game, the console saud ulx showmotd = “0” default “1”.

So if you come in to my thread again, to post pointless crap, please DONT!

I disabled it on my server while i was working on it, it uses html code, if you don’t know html its pretty cheap to buy a book on it. But other then that if you can add some cool features that would be awesome!

I know html, and php. But what are you talking about ?

Does this work like the ASS and ULX ones, a simple box with editable HTML in it and an ok button?

Yes… Anything wrong with that ?

is the svn version working currently? im not getting anything showing up in my tools menu.

i have assmod 2.20 and the svn of ulib. i do NOT have ulx. i do see the lua files are active but i do not see a menu. i only see this in the console:

Error: Please Get An Admin To Save AdvMOTD Settings First.

Right, basically you need to go into Utilities -> Advanced MOTD -> MOTD Settings.
And click on Save settings. This will enable it to work.

As a side note, SVN Updated with:
added a blured background (because i can :P)
Changed the naming system used in the settings (should now be able to see big name addons)

i got a ERROR: Please Check Your Console on how to fix.

It’s broken.

is it o.O ??
Ok, ill check it later tonight.

oh, and btw:
what DID the console say ?

You made me laugh for 5 minutes straight…

Anyways… I can’t see this being unique. You should make it more configurable.

Ever considered adapting this to work with exsto?
as if you took the options and added them to an exsto menu pane instead of in the setting it would make a lovely addition to their admin system.

I might look into it, i havent had a chance to use exsto yet tho.

On a side note for people actually using the svn version, you may have noticed, i started a sql rewrite of this system… but my laptop blewup like 3 weeks ago, so i havent had a chance to continue it. (a new one has been shipping from dell for the past 2 weeks!!)

i run a TTT server and i cant get the danm MOTD to show up so i can advertise my website its getting annoying.