Advanced 3D skybox

I’m trying to make multiple layered 3D skybox for custom map. The idea is to render LOD of original map as 3d skybox. But in classic(source) version of 3d skybox I would have parts of LOD skybox overlapping around real parts in sky, so I want to render LOD version with adjusted z-near plane to make it appear only on far distances.

So the problem is that when I try to render custom skybox using render.RenderView in PostDraw2DSkyBox or PostDrawSkyBox hooks, viewmodel disappears and if water being drawn then whole world disappears, also HDR is being computed/premultiplied per RenderView call which makes different parts of 3D skybox look overbrighten.
I can’t render custom skybox before real view rendered because eye positions and rotations are not yet updated.

So, is there any way to render world more than one time from another point of view after it began rendering and have no problems ?


I solved half of this problem by using RenderView hook to render skyboxes into an RT, now I have problesms with HDR going mad when world is being renderred 3 times.

Solved it by using render targets.