Advanced Adverts (Roleplay)

What does it do?
This is a simple addon that makes using adverts quicker by opening a window and adverting without having tons of keybinds.

How do I use it?
Drag and drop “advanced_adverts” into your addon folder.
Bind the console command “openadverts” to a key to open the menu on the fly.


Workshop Version

Version: 1.0.A

This addon is made for DarkRP but can be edited to suit other gamemodes.

Doesn’t /advert create a billboard now?

Yes it does, so this addon is useless unless they have a older version of DarkRP or have a custom command for /advert.

I made this a while ago… maybe you can learn from it!

I’ve always wondered why people used /advert to announce mugs and such… why not use /y (yell command) you know the command that is meant for raids and stuff… It’s dumb filling the chat with cancer adverts like “MUG DROP 10K OR DIE” is pure aids, just like this addon in my opinion. I’m glad the new advert billboards are a thing.

Also maybe change the colors on the menu. That red is ugly.

“/advert rape” :what:

please read this.

Why is it these days darkrp servers make you advert everything you do to someone :v:

Admins are incompetent, so the responsibility is put on players to log their every action.

I enjoy that you made the /advert system a billboard instead of some shit in chat. Now I join servers spamming it with shit that admin’s can’t deal with. You’re my god.

No way… Don’t tell me this is the guy who yelled at me for buying a custom job with all things included because it was too much for him and because i asked when it would be done a day after i purchased it and to top it off then he didn’t know how to edit ammo in the lua file for a swep with over 200 ammo in the clip so he didn’t include the swep.

edit : Which then prompted me to create my own server and bring back my dead community. By the time my custom job was up and ready on there server two days after i purchased i already had made it on my server and had it up and running along with the website…

I hope u didnt mind, but I remade it for my server. Nice design.
I also have a advert fix for newer darkrp gamemodes.

Version 2?