Advanced Animal AI ideas

Wolves:(Predator 1)
When a player gets within the range that a wolf will aggro, the AI first could check for other wolves in the area, and run a script telling the others about your location. The first wolf will follow you until the others catch up and help him take you down. Wolves generally hunt in packs so a simple script like this would add a lot of subtle nuance to their behavior.(I say simple, but I actually have no idea)

Stag, Chicken and Boar:(Prey 1)
If you simply reverse the wolf script, you can have a pretty simple ‘prey’ script. When there is no threat nearby, stags and boars could gather together(with other of their type) and stay near each other. When a threat comes within aggro range (such as humans, wolves, bears, etc) the animals will scatter in all directions, and it’s up to the hunter to decide which one they have the best odds of catching.

EDIT: One initial problem with making prey clump might be that they are harder to find, given that more will be killed per instance of one dying, since they are in groups. This could be offset by having more of these clusters, and just more animals in general. This way, you come across animals just as frequently as now(or desired) only in this way I’m describing you would find a group of 2-4 instead of just 1 by itself.

Bears:(Predator 2)
Bears don’t behave as socially as wolves or ‘prey’ animals that need to do that in order to survive. Most video of bears is of them eating food or lumbering around, which is pretty much what the AI is currently doing. Perhaps there’s an opportunity for some type of ‘hibernation’ script down the line, but as they stand I think bears are fine. (Except for their pathing might still be wonky, and they are a bit too slow right now IMO, bears in RL are REALLY fast)

Fish:(Prey 2)
Fish will require the most advanced script possible, since they are the smartest and most social creatures around. Just kidding. When fish someday exist in Rust universe, some type of script for making them swim in schools and scatter when threatened like the other animals would go a long way. This is for another day tho.

What animals would be a good next addition, and what unique behavior could you imagine for them? Vultures? Snakes? Drop Bears? Birds? Yes, all of the above please. :smile:

This is a bit contrived. If you want an “alert other wolves” function, it would be better to have the wolf howl. Then any wolves within earshot would make a decision based on their current situation if they are going to join. Maybe even add in a response call.

Bare in mind that there is a pecking order in place for animals. If a lesser wolf makes a call, the higher up wolf may not care.

This is also contrived. It doesn’t make sense for them to magically gather near each other. It would be better to run some form of boids for this.

This wouldn’t be an issue. because clusters would be easier to spot. As soon as a predator is spotted, they will scatter and only the 1 being chased will be in danger.

Actually this is really simple. Boids handles this behavior pretty well and it is well known.

Yeah I figured there would be some aesthetic or audible clue that the wolf is tracking you and possibly alerting others, I just didn’t want to get into that and make the post too wordy.

I really like the info you posted, I was mostly speaking in general terms and was hoping someone would know more about making it seem like real animal behavior.

Right now the only difference between prey and predators is whether you’re at risk of dying to it or not catching it, which is decent but there is lots of room for improvement in terms of animal AI. Making each animal feel different and unique in a way will lessen the effect of there not being that many types right now.

I think boars should have a chance to attack also, particularly when wounded. RL boars can be very dangerous and aggressive, particularly when being hunted.

EDIT: Oh, and for boars gathering, we should be able to do this:

BTW deer run much much much higher numbers than 4.

Yeah, but that is a bit unreasonable for Rust atm :wink:

As of today, the animal behaviour seems a bit better. Their detection is better (as in the hunter’s favor) where you can sneak up on them without them detecting you with their backs to you. Their ass rockets have been tamed significantly. They don’t take off at warp speed anymore and can be chased down more easily. They still run through rocks and landscape features though. Had a bear emerge from a large rock and kill me about 30 seconds after I spawned and had deer and pigs run through rocks.