advanced ballsocket - will it ever be fixed so it works as expected?

Hello I spent a lot of time trying to make some use of advanced ballsocket but I find out that it has weird bugs (or features?

For example somebody wanted me to make keep upright with adv ballsocket. It can be tied to a ground or another prop. So logically I want rotation to be fixed around x and y axis leaving z free (-180,180), but if I do this it disables free movement even if I have it checked… This strange behavior can be fixed by setting some nonzero values for one of the other axises (x or y) so you have then x min: -0.01, x max: 0.01, ymin:0, ymax:0, zmin:-180, zmax:180 and voila free movement now works and you have keep upright that also works on entities!
Another use would be to attach one prop to another so it turns around in a limited angle. It can be used as a mount point for front wheels of a car. OK so I uncheck free movement, set x and y min and max to 0, z to say -33,33 and that’s it. Weirdly sometimes it does not work and makes props spazzing and flying like crazy all around (which can crash the game also…) It seems it happens when props are rotated 90° in some direction related to the world… I did not figure it out yet.
I usually see in tutorial videos advanced ballsocked being used to propel wheels via the forcer or another type of engine. You set everything to 0 (or 180,-180 which does the same, but people don’t know usually:) and free movement on. It works, but with a strange error - the props do not hold properly around the axis which was world y in time of applying ballsocket. They are allowed to be rotated independently in around 30° range. Other axises hold perfectly. Any ideas please? Am I right or I just don’t understand something?
How do you use advanced ballsocket?